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A STAND Apart – Rude Health

See how Nick Barnard of Rude Health has built a multimillion-pound healthy food and drinks company by flying in the face of convention.

Rude Health is the natural food and drinks company Nick Barnard runs with his wife Camilla, but the name could also be applied to the firm’s balance sheet. Turnover doubled in 2014, to over £6m, and robust growth has followed since. Barnard’s healthy eating philosophy goes against much of the current thinking. “We’re aiming to produce food that will bring people on a journey to make better choices as to what constitutes food,” he says.

We make healthy eating exciting

To Barnard, the general idea of what is and isn’t healthy is incomplete and ill-informed. When people go on diets or try to ‘eat clean’, they are ignoring basic nutritional principles. “Our ancestors learned over thousands of years that we get the best from food when we work with, and respect, nature,” Barnard says. He does not believe in prescriptive instruction when it comes to food. Instead, Rude Health makes natural products with benefits consumers can easily understand. Simplicity, in what his business sells and how it operates, has led Barnard to success.