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Restless Spirits – Do You Find Impatience a Virtue?

Dupsy is an Oxford University graduate who has built a reputation for her knowledge of business, entrepreneurship and the internship market.

About Dupsy
Dupsy graduated from Oxford University and is the recipient of numerous professional and academic awards. Prior to founding Intern Avenue, she worked on a number of high profile disputes for a leading law firm. Her extensive knowledge of business, entrepreneurship, and the internship market has led to her becoming a featured press expert and being named as a “CEO to watch” by SVC2UK / NESTA.

She recently advised the government about youth unemployment and has been short-listed by Thomson Reuters Power List as one of Britain’s most influential black people under 40.

The company recently won the Techcrunch / Web Summit Europa Award for Best Recruitment Start Up in Europe, was semi-finalist for the CISCO BIG Innovation Award and a MVP competition at Google Campus London. This year, Intern Avenue was selected for the prestigious Silicon Valley Blackbox Program and Global Venture Competition at the We Own It Women’s Leadership Summit.

Dupsy has appeared in Wired, the Financial Times, Channel Four, and successfully pitched on BBC Dragons’ Den.

What makes Dupsy Abiola a Restless Spirit?
What do you do when you can’t find the right entry level talent for jobs within a business? If you’re Dupsy Abiola, you quit your job as a barrister and build a company to address the solution.

“Intern Avenue solves a problem for two groups,” says Abiola, its founder and CEO. “For employers we allow them to very quickly identify the right high quality talent for their needs. And for candidates we suggest the best opportunities that are a good fit for their profile. Effectively we’re an online matchmaker.”

Algorithms power this matchmaking platform, suggesting the right people for specific jobs and companies, based on candidates’ and employers’ profiles. The company’s backbone took two years to build, launching in 2012. It was a bold move, but tenacity runs in the family.

As a young man, Dupsy’s Nigerian born father Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola was awarded a prestigious scholarship to study accountancy in the UK. From that foundation he built an impressive career, including global business, philanthropy and, later, politics. Despite winning Nigeria’s first free election, in 1993, Moshood would never lead his country. Detained by Nigeria’s military leadership, he abruptly died in prison in 1998.

Moshood’s amazing life has inspired millions – including his own children. “I’m lucky to have come from a family of high achievers. It’s something to aspire to,” says Dupsy, “a driving force.”

Her mother was just as influential for the Abiola children, instilling in them the idea that education was a key enabler – the one thing that once gained, could never be taken away. It makes sense that Abiola would go on to start a company that helps young people make the most of their hard-earned education.

Many have applauded the cause. Intern Avenue won a Europa Award in 2013 for best recruitment start-up and has been short-listed for several others. When Abiola spoke at 2014’s Digitising Europe event, her start-up was endorsed by German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Abiola isn’t slowing down either. The site has just had a major redesign and its new app will follow. European expansion is also planned. So what’s her secret?
“Stay positive,” she says with a smile. “Take the things that seem like problems and turn them into opportunities.”

See how her impatience created careers:


Dupsy Abiola, Founder and CEO of Intern Avenue.