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Restless Spirits – Do You Dream When You’re Awake?

Since 2011, UCL Economics graduate David Abrahamovitch, has been changing the way Londoners enjoy their coffee.

What is it that drives you?
Every business I’ve been involved with has been driven by the desire to do something new. I’m always looking at the ways things are done and seeing if they could be done better, not just settling because that’s the way things have always been done.

Would you consider yourself a Restless Spirit?
To me a Restless Spirit is someone who won’t accept no for an answer, who thinks that you shouldn’t just do something in a certain way because it’s what you’ve been told. It’s someone who takes the time to break it down and move it on to the next level.

What was the inspiration behind Grind?
Grind started with a simple aim – to create amazing coffee in a really cool environment, in a location that suited our lifestyle. This then grew rapidly beyond coffee to cocktails, then food and now even to a recording studio.

Who inspires you?
I’m inspired by those people doing really extraordinary things. Visionary Elon Musk, not just satisfied with projects on Mars and changing space flight, he has also focused on innovation in solving global problems such as electric cars and the energy crisis. Who knows what he’ll achieve long term but I find it inspiring to witness that level of ambition.

Did you always think Grind would succeed?
When you start your own business there are so many things you need to do and get right. If you don’t have a belief in your abilities you just won’t get there.

See how his dream woke up London:


David Abrahamovitch is Co-founder of Grind & Co.